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Tunnel on Dai Ninh Hydro power Station

Survey Super PAM 905sp .

Survey Super PAM 920sp.

Tower of Can Tho Bridge

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•  Cadastral mapping

•  Establishment of cadastral control networks order 1, 2 using GPS technologies.

•  Production of cadastral maps at scale 1:200, 1:500, 1:1000 & 1:2000 using Total Stations and DGPS RTK.

•  Developing Database for Land Administration LIS (Land Information System) for Districts and Provinces range.

•  Technologies transfer

•  Topographic survey & mapping

•  Establishment of Horizontal and Vertical networks.

•  Production of topographic maps at any scale using technologies DGPS RTK, Total station.

•  Hydrographical survey for sea, river and channel using DGPS and echo sounder.

•  GPS, DGPS, and Hydrographical technologies transfer.

•  Engineering survey :

•  Survey for Feasibility study and during time of construction of Engineering Projects such as: Building, Fabric, Hydroelectric Station, Bridge, Tunnel, Port , and Dams at river and sea band, volume Calculations

•  Survey for deformation of Project.

•  Installation of Navigation Systems for Navigation , Positioning and Dredging using DGPS

•  Survey services for other purposes


•  Oil exploration

•  Navigation & Positioning for pipeline installation in Land and Sea and using DGPS

•  Navigation & Positioning for Geological survey at Oilfield

•  Rig move of Platforms

•  Navigation & Positioning for installation Oil Platform

•  GIS data services

•  GIS data collection from any sources: field survey, paper drawing, digital CAD drawing, satellite images, existing database…

•  Convert data between formats: AutoCAD, MicroStation, MapInfo, Geomedia, ArcGIS, Oracle Spatial….